Инжиниринговая компания Гидро Строй Групп - TEASER
Naming / Logo / Branding / Site / SEO / Advertising

FermerGreen collaborates with small farmers and private producers to arrange direct delivery from farmers to Kiev families.


FermerGreen is a young company with a new approach to the sale of farm products. The main tasks for Teaser were to increase awareness of the company, increase recognition and maintain brand loyalty.


We have developed a new communication strategy for FermerGreen. The idea of ​​"green delivery" and its visual design demonstrated the dynamism of an ambitious brand


  • GDN
  • search advertising
  • image advertising on social networks
  • prize draws and SMS newsletters
  • guerrilla   PR


A month after the start of the brand promotion campaign, company sales began to increase by an average of 5% weekly. The brand recognition index rose from 12% to 36%.

For the first half of the year, the company's revenue grew by 56%

The average order amount for this period increased by 45%

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